Roulette Systems

Roulette systems and strategies can be found all over the internet by so-called gambling experts. Several people argue there are systems for winning. Specially the ones that are guaranteed to win. This is, of course, a fable. We answer the answers to the most frequently asked questions with the help of various experts.

Does A Winning Roulette Strategy Exist?

None of the roulette strategies and / or tactics below are guaranteed to make you win. If there was a roulette strategy that would guarantee online and offline, we would share it with you right away. Because casinos would go bankrupt with a watertight winning roulette system, such a system does not exist or casinos have covered themselves for it.

Roulette strategies can help you limit losses and increase the chance of winning. This is possible because you play according to a fixed structure in which you try to limit risks and take advantage of opportunities. The roulette strategies below explain this better. If you want to know more about a particular strategy or system, you can click on the relevant live roulette strategy to learn more about it.

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Is It Wise To Play With a Roulette System?

It is now clear that an American roulette strategy is not guaranteed to give you a profit. This does not mean that it is unwise to play with roulette tactics. A good tactic helps you to play in a more structured way. This in turn has a positive influence on how you deal with your budget. This way you know exactly when to take your profit and which multiplications are needed to turn your loss into a profit. The roulette strategies discussed on this page provide a clear overview of the systems that experts use.

How to Apply a Roulette Strategy?

You can apply a roulette system or strategy in different ways. The way in which you should do this depends on the strategy you are using. On this page you can find references to the most commonly used roulette strategies and systems. In addition to an explanation of these systems, you will also find the roulette tips that help you apply these strategies as well as possible.

Some Roulette Strategies To Play

Using roulette strategies has always been pointed out by an expert as one of the most important tips. A solid French roulette strategy will help you get this promising game under control. Because the volatility on this table game is very high, you need a structure that can be followed. Without a good structure or strategy, it is difficult to find out when it is a good time to stop or to make more use of it.

Martingale System

There is no better known roulette strategy than the Martingale System. Time to go Martingales is a common concept in various casinos. In reality, Martingale is a strategy where you double bet each round of the previous round until you have won. If you bet $/€ 50 on the first round and lose, you bet $/€ 100 the following round. This strategy can be quite expensive so it is wise to start with a low amount.

Angelika System

Decades ago, Angelika Tepperwein designed a roulette strategy that experts are still not sure about. This tactic was devised by Angelika in order to be able to win systematically. In reality, the Angelika system is nothing more than a raise and lower system. You only bet on equal opportunities and if you win you put 1/10 of the original bet with this bet. If you lose, you take 10% off.

Column Strategy

The column strategy is a strategy where you place a bet per column. You always start with the minimum table bet of, for example, $/€ 5. You bet this $/€ 5 on the first column. If you lose, bet the second round on the second column. On this column you take the double bet of $/€ 10. Do you also lose this round? Then you bet the third round on the third column with a bet that is four times the original bet, or $/€ 20. Do you win? Then the strategy starts again or you stop. Are you losing? Then you have to bet $/€ 60 on the first column.

1-3-2-6 System

For many roulette experts, the 1-3-2-6 system is a tactic that works great with low amounts. You can apply this very simple tactic by repeatedly betting 1, 3, 2 and finally 6 chips. You keep doing this until you win and preferably on equal chances, such as red or black. If you win and you are on a profit, you stop and take your winnings.

D ‘Alembert System

D ‘Alembert is a simple roulette system that owes its strategy to Jean d’ Alembert. With the simple idea that every number should fall equally often, the D ‘Alembert system focuses on betting on a number that has not fallen for a long time. You bet on this number every round until it falls. You can do the same with colors or other combinations. By betting until they fall, you hope to win the combination before the casino wins from you.

Fibonacci System

After the Martingale system, the Fibonacci roulette strategy is definitely the most famous entrant on this list. You bet every round according to the world famous Fibonacci sequence. Without going too deeply into the complete operation, you always bet the amount that is the sum of the two previous numbers that have fallen. Of course this cannot be done endlessly, so according to our calculations you have to hit somewhere the first three rounds.

Roulette Tips

Before you delve deeper into any of the aforementioned roulette strategies, we want to tell you the best roulette tips from our experts. These three roulette tips can help you apply your strategy even more effectively.

Play With Money That Fits Your Strategy and Budget

Roulette experts always advise beginners to play with an amount that fits their budget. Can’t miss the amount? Then you start playing roulette with too much money and that is highly unwise. It is also important that you choose an amount that suits your roulette strategy. You cannot properly implement the tips of a roulette strategy if you choose an amount that is too low or too high.

Switch Off Emotions and Execute Strategy Perfectly

While playing roulette, it is not uncommon to see your emotions go all over the place. However, you want to avoid this as much as possible. Emotions can cause you to make wrong choices. Especially if you try to implement certain roulette rules,  tips or strategies. Therefore, choose a quiet setting in which you continuously adhere to your battle plan. Don’t let emotions guide you.

Start Low and Build Up

It is particularly attractive to start playing roulette with a high stake right away. Nothing is better than the chance to turn $/€ 500 into $/€ 1000 or even more. If your budget does not allow these kinds of amounts at all, it is of course very unwise to gamble with them. A good roulette strategy is designed in such a way that you can only start this strategy with a low amount. That is exactly what our experts advise. Start low and work up your bets if you find yourself winning with a roulette strategy.

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