Live Roulette

Of course Live Roulette is even more fun and exciting than regular flash option. How about playing Live Roulette? This is possible at many online casinos. Game play happens via a camera and a live stream connection. Live Roulette is a new form of online roulette playing. You can see the Roulette table through the many cameras set up in the casino. This way you can watch and play. Nowadays you can play live roulette in the Live Casino thanks to the most modern techniques.

Play comfortably from home with the experience of a real casino and no computer-controlled Roulette. Or play roulette with your mobile or tablet. That is also possible because nowadays you can also play Live Roulette via your mobile. The croupiers talk pleasantly through the camera and give you a good time with a lot of excitement and fun! Online you will find a number of reliable live casinos with a top range of live games. You play in HD quality against friendly dealers and the beautiful 3D images give the ultimate casino experience.

Live Roulette Casinos

The offer of Live Casino Roulette has grown enormously in recent years. There are several operators who offer the games. The most famous is Evolution Gaming. In addition, NetEnt, known for the many online video slots and online roulette, also offers Live Roulette. It is possible to receive images and sound in 3D and high quality. Below you can see a number of examples of the Evolution tables at the online casino. This is without a doubt the best option if you like to play live. Not only because it is fun and exciting to play. But also because your Live Roulette is extra fun and you can chat with the live dealer and with other players.

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Live Roulette Game Rules

All game rules at Live Roulette are of course identical to the normal Roulette game rules. The game is now under the direction of a real croupier and all payouts are automatically updated through the live casino’s game server. You can even ask the dealer questions. There is a chat function in the game for this. You can even compete with the other players who have taken a seat at the Roulette table. There are now various casino operators who offer the most popular live casino games. Live roulette is of course at the top in terms of popularity.

Benefits of Playing Live Roulette

It should come as no surprise that playing live roulette is very popular. It has many advantages:

  • This way you no longer have to leave the house if you feel like a game of roulette. You can simply log in to your online casino account and enter the live casino. You do not have to worry that you can no longer soak up the typical casino atmosphere when you play live roulette, because thanks to the croupiers you get the feeling that you are in a real casino.
  • The live casino is open day and night. So you are no longer dependent on opening hours. This way you can play live roulette at any time of the day.
  • Thanks to the chat function you can simply communicate with the croupier.
  • You can now also play live roulette via your mobile device, which means that you can play a game of roulette wherever and whenever you want.

Live Dealer Croupiers

The roulette variant that is played at most live casinos is the so-called European Roulette. A single zero (green) is in use here. The advantage for you as a player is that your chances of winning are higher than with American roulette. Today, Live Roulette is only offered in English. They use a smooth group of dealers. In the live casino lobby, the dealers are recognizable for the different tables. Above we have 2 examples of what live roulette looks like.

In the online casino world, its innovative approach once again proves that it wants to further optimize the online casino experience so that you can play online with great pleasure every time. Of course it is difficult to compete with an experience in a real casino, but the Live Casino also has its advantages. This way you save a lot of money because you no longer have to travel to the local casino and you are assured of a safe connection to fair live roulette games through the most advanced techniques where you can play from 1 dollar/euro. Easy from your own comfortable chair.

Live Roulette Casino Bonus

Actually participating at the different tables in the live casino is made very easy for you. To make playing more enticing, Online Casinos offer new players a welcome bonus. You often receive up to $/€ 100 on top of your first deposit. Also returning players are continuously pleased, especially around special occasions and holidays. This happens with numerous bonuses that online casinos apparently like and lavishly sprinkle with.

Live Roulette Games for High Rollers

Many players who play with large stakes and often have their own system have increasingly switched to the live casino in recent years. It is not without reason that Internet Casinos are increasingly complaining about declining revenues. Live roulette as well as live blackjack or baccarat are very popular live games in the Online Casino. The table limits also allow you to play with substantial amounts, we regularly see that players win thousands of euros at the roulette tables at the same time.

Play Live Roulette on Mobile

With the rise of the tablet and the wide range of smartphones from Apple and Samsung, among others, the demand for mobile gambling games has of course also increased. And of course the live roulette games are part of this new form of online gambling anytime, any place. Nowadays we prefer to pick up the tablet when we are at home, these devices start up very quickly, weigh nothing and are silent. Something different from that heavy laptop from a few years ago. Many websites have now set up a special mobile casino that serves mobile users. Most online casinos have a number of live games in addition to a large number of video slots. An extensive range with many gambling games including of course: online roulette.

Mobile gaming is completely “hot”. Not only the latest hypes like multiplayer games are popular. Playing games like French or American Roulette is also increasingly done on a mobile basis. And most players prefer to play a game like Roulette in a mobile casino. For the simple reason that you can play your favorite game where and when you want. The mobile casino works quickly and offers players a wide choice of games. Live Roulette is one of the possible games. Here it is possible to play Roulette with a Live croupier on your smartphone or tablet.

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