American Roulette

American Roulette is one of the variants of the popular online casino game, which is regularly played by fans of internet roulette both in land-based casinos and in an online casino. The odds of winning are higher for the bank with the American roulette version, which makes this game less popular. The most played version turns out to be the European roulette version.

Players seem to prefer it over all other forms. Perhaps that English is more appealing than the French gaming table and that the winning odds are better than at the American roulette gaming table is of course also something that plays a role.

Are you planning to play American Roulette? Have you never done this before? Read on this page what this form of Roulette is, which bets you can place with this form of Roulette and what the difference is between American Roulette and European Roulette.

American and European Roulette Differences

Do you want to know the difference between the American roulette and the European variants? Then look at the game rules of the variant and at the roulette wheel. In the American version, there are 38 numbered slots on the roulette wheel. There are only 37 slots on the European variants.

Both wheels contain the numbers one to 36, as well as both variants have a single zero on the wheel. The extra slot in American roulette contains a double zero. This of course means that when playing American roulette, the player has one more chance of losing.

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Naturally, this changes the calculation of the winning odds when a player starts playing American roulette. Also check out our roulette tips. One of these tips is that you should actually ignore American roulette and go for the other variants.

How To Play American Roulette?

American Roulette is a popular casino game that you can easily recognize by the authentic gaming table of the casino game. This console contains a large round cylinder with various colored compartments with numbers, which is provided with a ball while rotating.

When the cylinder stops spinning, the ball in the cylinder comes to rest on a certain space. This box is the winning box and the players who have placed a bet on this box will receive their bet plus a bonus in return.

Before you start playing, you determine your bet. You do this by placing a certain number of chips on the squares on the gaming table, where you can determine exactly which bet you place. When the cylinder turns, you are not allowed to bet anymore.

Play American Roulette Game

The game has now officially started. When the cylinder stops rotating, the ball rests on a specific space with a number. If you have bet on this box, you will receive your bet and a bonus amount back from the bank. If you have not bet on this box, you have to hand in your bet and you have lost. When placing a bet, you have several options.

When paying out winnings, the higher you bet and the more risk you have taken, the more money you win. For example, if you have bet on one box, you take more risk and your profit is therefore higher. If you have bet on all even numbers, you have less risk and therefore less profit if you have won.

There are several reasons why roulette is so popular. Some enthusiasts argue that this is due to the fact that it is quite easy to play with simple rules, while as a player you can make numerous bets.

There are also variations in the game. For example, each roulette table has its own limit on the small and large bets a player can place. A player can thus determine his own bet, but it must be between the limits set on the roulette table where the player plays roulette.

Play American Roulette Strategies

Experienced players often look for certain roulette systems to win more money or to recoup lost money. Some players use complex mathematical calculations for this, while other players use very simple strategies. There are also people who have a special ability to perform complex mathematical calculations without any help from computers.

However, this is not necessary, because winning opportunities can also be changed through simple strategies. Since not all players feel like using high mental powers or simply playing through simple strategies, they try to win through other odds.

Live Casino American Roulette

To have the same gaming experience as in a real casino, playing American roulette in a Live Casino is highly recommended. You no longer play with an automated Roulette layout but with a real croupier. You also play in a beautiful casino studio. There are online operators who nowadays use the very latest video and film techniques to present their studio. This gives you a greater gaming experience while playing various Live Roulette games than playing against a machine. It is also possible to play online in a real land casino. The technology to make this possible is there and the casinos are therefore grateful to use it. However, it probably won’t be much online anymore.

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